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Admissions CRM — done right.

Meet the software designed by people who’ve actually worked in university admissions.

Make event check-in a breeze

No more registration lines. Get your prospects inside in under 15 seconds.

Effortless emails

Send communications that are actually relevant to your prospects — with tools that anyone in the office can use.

Querying your data doesn’t have to be painful.

Simple drag & drop query builder makes it easy.

Tame your event schedule.

Track everything you’re doing — and who you see there.

We believe software should actually help you do your job,

not make it more difficult. That’s why we designed Admissible from the ground up specifically to solve the problems faced by college and university admissions officers.

Event scheduling that works

Between campus tours, departmental visits, special events, college fairs, high school visits—the list goes on—coordinating your events is a challenge. (And that's before you have to figure out which version of the spreadsheet is the most recent one.) Admissible keeps track of everything you do in one central location. Your prospects get self-serve online registration. You get your sanity back.

Check-in made easy

It’s 2012. There’s no reason to print out a list of registrants and highlight names as your guests arrive. With Admissible, your registrants receive a barcoded email that they print out. Your guests show up with with their barcode, all you have to do is zap. If you want name tags, the name tag prints out on-the-spot — no hunting through a table full of name tags.

Quality prospect and contact management

Keep tabs on more than just a prospect’s name. With Admissible, you’ll see each and every touch point: know exactly when and where you’ve seen a student – whether at an on-campus event or an off-campus college fair – the emails you’ve sent them, the phone calls you’ve made, and more. (All data you can query on next time you’re building a new email or phone campaign.)

We’re not all about data volume, either – data quality is just as important. That’s why Admissible comes with built-in USPS address correction. Incoming prospect data will always get scrubbed first—regardless if where it comes from—helping to greatly reduce the number of duplicates in your database.

Lightning-quick speed

Admissible runs in your web browser, but it’s so quick you’d never know that it’s running over the internet. Admissible is optimized for speed, so it will never slow you down.

Also, since Admissible is a web app, you’ll always have access to it — anytime, anywhere, on any computer. Open as many tabs as you like and jump around. We’ll keep up.

So much more!

This only scratches the surface. We’d love to hear from you so we can tell you about the other awesome things Admissible can do for you.

OK, I’m sold.

...or maybe you’d like some more information. Get in contact. We know you’re busy; we promise we won’t bug you with sales calls and emails.